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The Babble SubstituteAndReturn plugin needs optimisation. Time to break out the profiler and see where the code journey takes us.
Posted Wed Nov 23 04:35:37 2022 Tags:
Porting Devel::IPerl to use ZMQ::FFI instead of ZMQ::LibZMQ3 for easier installs.
Posted Wed Sep 14 20:06:25 2022 Tags:
Fixing a couple more bugs on Babble and investigating a regex compilation warning
Posted Thu Sep 8 14:26:34 2022 Tags:
Perl is difficult to parse. Let us do it anyway and transform code we did not write.
Posted Mon Sep 5 04:00:26 2022 Tags:
I talk about a Perl 6 article about discouraging complex mutators.
Posted Sun Nov 27 09:07:52 2016 Tags:
How I wrote code every day for three years.
Posted Sun Jun 19 21:45:35 2016 Tags:
How can software be used to help us think better? I propose several approaches in the text.
Posted Wed Feb 24 05:42:02 2016 Tags:
How I added automatic testing and code coverage to the Perl Clone package on GitHub.
Posted Sun Jan 25 04:36:09 2015 Tags:
How Alien::Base can simplify building Perl5 Alien modules
Posted Sun Jan 25 03:47:56 2015 Tags:
Introducing the release of the Statistics::NiceR package for running R code from Perl.
How to make social media work for you with curation and filtering.
Posted Sun Jun 8 05:17:20 2014 Tags:
Memories of the Internet of the past.
Posted Fri Jun 6 22:16:38 2014 Tags:

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