• I was looking at parsing of HTML1 and came across a paper on parsing XML with regex titled REX: XML Shallow Parsing with Regular Expressions. But what's even more interesting is a project by the author called Parabix which implements parallel text processing.

  • Tethne looks like a neat Python tool for bibliographic network analysis.

  • I was reading a blog post about how horribly one-sided the Terms of Service for the Marvel API are and I came across the Swedish API License which attempts to create a license that doesn't just force developers to give up many of their rights to the API providers.

  • OpenCatalog is a list of open source projects that are funded in part by DARPA.

  • I saw this open-source car and was reminded of how I've wanted to build my own car for quite a while. Imagine the learning possibilities! There is actually a high school team in Philadelphia that works on designing and racing hybrid cars. Here's an article in IEEE Spectrum and a video from PBS Frontline. That is way cool.

  • Bioimaging consortium that connects academic and industrial partners: Cyttron.

  • I love backing up design with numbers and this user study on how people hold their mobile devices makes me happy.

  • I came across the book CMDAS: Knowledge-Based Programming for Music Research while in freenode's ##prolog. Algorithmic composition with Prolog!

  • GitHub Education is a very good idea. More students need to learn about version control and testing while in school.

  1. without and with regex (for certain values of regular :-P) ↩